October 27, 2008 - Research Computing held an Open House especially targeted toward students, seeking to gauge interest in forming a student-oriented group to learn and work on research computing projects. Hosted in the Wallace Library's Idea Factory venue, Research Computing staff gave brief presentations on Research Computing activities in high performance computing, computing research, and collaboration technologies.

Gurcharan Khanna, Director of Research Computing, gave an overview of the group's vision, mission, and goals, and encouraged students to contribute both ideas and work in support of Research Computing. Paul Mezzanini, Senior Systems Engineer for Research, gave a powerpoint overview of Research Computing resources, including clusters and grids and his vision for the future. Ryan Lewis, student application specialist, discussed application specific issues and solutions for computational research problems.

Matt Leszczenski, Collaboration Technologist, explains the operation of the Access Grid system being deployed to support collaboration at RIT.