SeeVogh at RIT

What is SeeVogh?

SeeVogh (pronounced see-vo) is a free-for-RIT, easy to use, high quality software-only videoconferencing and webcasting system that runs on your own computers. The SeeVogh server for RIT is hosted in the Research Computing Lab.

Why use SeeVogh?

  • Software only based system.
  • Cross platform clients (Mac, Windows, Linux, IOS, Android)
  • Interoperability with H.323 systems (Polycom, Tandberg, LifeSize, etc.)
  • Multipoint capable
  • Recordable
  • Screen sharing of entire or partial desktop for sending powerpoint, browser, terminal windows, etc.
  • Persistent rooms
  • Moodle plugin
  • Detachable video windows at native resolution
  • TelePresence mode (number of HD streams limited only by your hardware)
  • Classroom mode (200 students watching, 10 presenters, students can become presenters)
  • Webcast mode (view only by audience)

    How Do I Use SeeVogh?

    SeeVogh Live Meeting Software (Beta)

  • See the SeeVogh Meeting page

    SeeVogh Playback Software (Beta)

  • See the SeeVogh Player page

    For more information go to the official SeeVogh website.

    Email for information on how to try it out or to get your own account.