SeeVogh Player

Use SeeVogh Player to play back recordings in SeeVogh format

Step 1

  • For licensing reasons you must attend at least ONE live SeeVogh meeting before SeeVogh Player will work. If you have already done this, please skip to Step 2.
  • If you have not attended a meeting on the computer you are using, please start the program and attend a meeting.
  • If you need to get the software, go to the SeeVogh Meeting page to download and run the SeeVogh Meeting software once and then return here.

    Step 2

  • If you already have the SeeVogh Player program, skip to Step 3.
  • If you need to get the program, DOWNLOAD the SeeVogh Player. If you don't have admin rights you might have to save it to the Desktop instead of the default folder.
  • Install the program.

    Step 3

  • Play a recording. There are two ways:

    1. Double click on an *.evx file to start the SeeVogh Player and play a specific video. The *.evx file might have been sent to you or you might download it from here: Be sure the *.evx keeps its original name after saving it to your computer.

    2. Start the program by double clicking on its icon.

  • Click on the MENU icon in the upper left hand corner.
  • Choose FILE, then URL to get a dialog box to pop up.
  • Type in the URL for the video you wish to play. The URL will look like this example:
  • Click OK to start playing the video.
  • SeeVogh Player has buttons to PLAY, PAUSE, or STOP the video. A slider bar at the top lets you skip ahead.
  • Move the videos around by clicking on them.
  • Detach the videos (just as in the MEETING software) by hovering your mouse over the right border of the video and then clicking on the overlapping rectangles icon. The detached video can be moved or resized from its native resolution.

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