SeeVogh Meeting

How to Use SeeVogh Meeting to join a SeeVogh meeting or a H.323/SIP meeting

  • Download the SeeVogh Live Meeting Software (Beta) for your device.
    (If you don't have admin rights you might have to save it to the Desktop instead of the default folder).
  • Install the program by double-clicking on the downloaded installer file.
  • Start the program by double clicking on its icon.
  • After SeeVogh comes up, it will ask for your name (will be seen in chat) and a Meeting ID.
  • If you just need to test, use the Test Room 720 Meeting ID, 3333663934.
  • If you are attending a scheduled meeting, use the Meeting ID sent to you.
  • Click OK.
  • The SeeVogh Meeting software will connect to the meeting if it has started and you should see the RIT Tiger Logo as the background image.
  • If there are any video streams that are live in the meeting, they will automatically show up.
  • If you are running SeeVogh Meeting just to enable the SeeVogh Player for viewing already recorded SeeVogh meetings, you can exit now by clicking on the MENU icon in the upper left hand corner and choosing EXIT. RETURN to SeeVoghPlayer Instruction Page.

    How to navigate the SeeVogh Meeting screen in Plenary Mode.

  • Your SeeVogh screen (in Plenary Mode) will have four icons at the top for:

    1. Raising Your Hand to send video/audio to the meeting. You will automatically receive video and audio from the meeting. You will not be able to send your own video or audio unless the Moderator of the meeting allows it. Clicking on the upraised hand icon only sends a message to the Moderator requesting it.
    2. Loudspeaker Control to toggle audio on/off your computer. Make sure this checked if you want to hear audio.
    3. Chat Control to toggle the chat box at bottom of the SeeVogh screen on/off. Make sure this checked so you can see any messages from the Moderator.
    4. List of Participants at right of the SeeVogh screen. You may choose to check this box or not.

  • Your SeeVogh screen (in Roundtable Mode will have two additional icons for:

    1. Camera Control (on/off, select camera/resolution/framerate/bitrate)
    2. Microphone Control (on/off, select audio device)

    General SeeVogh control features

  • Resize the SeeVogh window by grabbing the lower right hand corner of the video frame with your mouse and dragging.
  • Click on any video window to rearrange the windows.
  • Hover your mouse over the upper right hand corner of any video window to see three icons appear. Click on the double overlapping rectangles icon to detach that individual video frame from the SeeVogh window and move/resize it anywhere on your computer screen(s) you like.

    Possible Problems

  • You may have local firewalls in place. You will have to get help from your local tech support to resolve those issues.

  • You may not have administrative rights to install software on your computer. You will need to get help from whomever maintains your computer. On Windows, your download may end up in your Downloads folder. You should run the downloaded software to install the SeeVogh software onto your Desktop rather than the default Programs directory. On Macs, your download will likely end up in your Downloads folder. Run the downloaded software to install the SeeVogh software onto your Desktop if you don't have permissions to install it into your Applications folder.

  • The SeeVogh window may come up behind other windows on your desktop. It would be best to stop other applications if they aren't needed.

    More Help

    Go to the SeeVogh website for official help and tutorials.

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