July 11, 2008
Dear SURAgrid members,

The Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York, has been approved by SURAgrid Governance Committee to join SURAgrid as a Participating member. Welcome RIT to SURAgrid!

Dr. Gurcharan Khanna, Director of Research Computing, Office of the Vice President for Research, has attended SURAgrid All Hands meeting in D.C. and has joined us on several SURAgrid monthly conference calls. In particular, Gurcharan is interested in Condor pools, a topic of a recent SURAgrid call.

Dr. Khanna writes in his SURAgrid Participating Member Application, that he and RIT want to "Learn together how to join our grids, specifically Condor pools at first, to increase resources for researchers [and] look for other areas of collaboration in research computing support... data storage, networking, middleware, training, applications, funding, etc.."

Congratulations to Dr. Khanna and Rochester Institute of Technology as our newest SURAgrid Participating Member! We trust that RIT and SURAgrid will find common ground in expanding our cyberinfrastructures in support of research and education missions.

Art Vandenberg, Chair SURAgrid Governance Committee Art Vandenberg
Director, Advanced Campus Services
Information Systems & Technology
Georgia State University