A new series of tech talks by local and off-campus speakers on overviews of what things are, how they work, and what they're good for. The series will cover High Performance Computing, collaboration tools, and social computing.

Note: All talks are at 4pm in the Lab for Applied Computing in CASCI, Building 74, unless otherwise indicated. Please check back here for any last minute changes!
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Sep. 28 Networks Large and Small - Andy Elble, Senior Network Engineer, ITS ppt

Oct. 12 Cryptography for Systems Administrators - Bob Krzaczek, Software Architect, LIAS, Imaging Science xhtml (need good CSS/Javascript support)

Oct 26 Nodes, Clusters, and Grids - Charles Border, Professor, Networking, Security, and Systems Administration


Nov 9 Parallel Java - Alan Kaminsky, Professor, Computer Science html

Dec 7 Parallel Coding - Paul Tyman, Professor, Computer Science

Distributed Computing:

Jan 11 Condor Overview - Bill Hoagland, Software Development Engineer, LIAS, Imaging Science ppt

Jan 25 Condor Applications - Emmett J. Ientilucci, Post-Doctoral Researcher, Digital Imaging and Remote Sensing Laboratory, Imaging Science pdf

Cluster Computing:

Feb 8 ROCKS Cluster Overview - Rick Bohn, Systems Administrator, Research Computing ppt photos

Feb 15 ROCKS Cluster Applications - David H. Mathews, Professor, Department of Biochemistry & Biophysics, University of Rochester Medical Center ppt photos

Apr 5 Multi-server Systems: Blade Servers vs Multiple Individual Servers (Nodes) - Carl Davis, Chief Architect, Stellar System Technologies, Inc., Rochester, NY video

Apr 19 Modeling Thermal Transport at Single Interfaces and in Nanostructured Materials - Rob Stevens, Professor, Mechanical Engineering abstract ppt photos video

May 17 Searching for Genetic Causes of Age-related Hearing Loss - Dina Newman, Professor, Department of Biological Sciences abstract video

Grid Computing:

May 23 The Open Science Grid: Linking Universities and Laboratories in National Cyberinfrastructure - Paul Avery, Professor, Department of Physics, University of Florida abstract bio ppt video