Research Computing News Feb 9, 2007

Job Searches and Openings

  • Full-time RC Sys Admin job search now in progress.
  • Full-time (Co-op) and part-time student openings.
See position descriptions.

Research Computing Speaker Series, started in the Fall, continues in 2007 with more topics on High Performance Computing and related topics.

Researchers' Quarterly Meeting: 11/10/06 Focus Group on researchers' computing needs.

Virtual Seminars presented in the Access Grid interactive collaboration environment.

  • 11/1/06 ArtGrid Seminar: Virtual Theater, Joe Geigel (CS)
  • 10/31/06 ICE Lab Demos for CTO of Kodak
  • 9/7/06 Parallel File Systems for HPC Clusters, LANL Seminar Series
  • 9/5/06 ICE Lab Demos for Digital Rochester Group
See RC Website for Calendar, Photos, details and other news & events.

Research Computing Lunches: continuing biweekly for sharing information and learning about your colleagues latest interests. Send me email to get on the reminder list.

Microsoft RFP for a Center for Advanced Collaboration Technologies based on ConferenceXP was responded to by a joint proposal through CASCI. PIs included Ila Parasnis (NTID), Joeann Humbert (OnlineLearning), Jon Schull (IT), and Gurcharan Khanna (RC). Early February decision date.

Symmetric Computing visited Research Computing at RIT on Jan. 10 to describe their Virtual SMP technology.

Matlab site license: proposal presented to RIT administration for this budget cycle.
Condor, IDL/ENVI, MODTRAN now running on

Condor on the CIS network: Rick Bohn, sys admin for RC, is now the first point of contact for user questions.

Gigabit networking now available in all CASCI Labs after switch upgrade.

Research Computing Data Architecture Design Team to look at campus wide plan for handling data.

The 52 node IBM cluster, up and running for the last 9 months, has been divided into a 48 node cluster and a new 5 node cluster, called It is part of the newly created NYSGrid ond the Open Science Grid, to be used as a testbed for grid computing.

NYSGrid, held its third workshop meeting at RIT in January.

The Advanced Collaboration Technologies Laboratory (ACT Lab) in CASCI has been renamed the ICE (Interactive Collaborative Technologies) Lab. Current deployment of Access Grid Plus collaboration environments are being built in CASCI, Golisano, Carlson, IT Collaboratory and Munsell Color Science Lab.

Internet2 Meeting in Chicago in December: Joe Geigel (CS) was one of the presenters at the Collaboration SIG moderated by Gurcharan Khanna (RC).

SuperComputing 2006 Conference in Tampa in November: Ron Vullo (IT) and Gurcharan Khanna (RC) attended to find out the latest in research computing options. Gurcharan Khanna (RC) also met with other board members of NYSGrid to negotiate partnerships in other large computing initiatives.