Oct 23, 2009--(extracted from Scholarship@RIT Fall 2009)

RIT Digital Media Library

Unrestricted Research Sharing

International Open Access Week recently concluded on October 23rd with The Wallace Center hosting a number of events to broaden the awareness of Open Access (OA). OA encourages the unrestricted sharing of research publications to anyone with access to the Internet. An important asset in the OA movement is institutional repositories, such as RIT’s Digital Media Library (DML). http://ritdml.rit.edu

OA Week activities concluded with a collaborative access grid video conference with participation from the American University in Kosovo, NTID, and The Wallace Center to discuss the global benefits of OA publishing. A major part of the discussion focused on RIT’s DML that showcases over 11,000 digital documents and has grown over the last six years to become an important worldwide OA resource for both researchers and authors.

The audience at the American University in Kosovo was excited to learn about the many benefits of OA, including a promise to send their student and faculty scholarship to be archived in the DML. With the recent merger of RIT Libraries and Teaching & Learning Services, the management and archiving of digital material for the DML has shifted to The Wallace Center’s Assets Management department. If you have any questions about the DML or you have content you would like to submit, please contact Morna Hilderbrand at: mbhwml@rit.edu or 585-475-7667.

Nick Paulus / Teaching, Learning & Scholarship Services

Nick Paulus demonstrates the Digital Media Library for audiences in Kosovo and NTID.