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Welcome to the New Research Support Site

By: Bryan T. Meyers
Date: 2015-09-26


We have been working hard to bring the Research Support website up to date. The site has gone through a complete rewrite to be both modern looking and mobile friendly. While we are still working to bring more content to the site, you have likely noticed its new look and feel. Several sections have been added to make information easier to find.

  • Home

    Out homepage has been redesigned to provide a quick overview of the services and technologies provided by Research Support. This will be updated as RS continues to expand its capabilities.

  • Notices

    The Notices section will be used to provide up-to-date information on the status of Compute Resources, announcements of the addition of new tools and services, as well as "State of Research Support" addresses.

  • People

    "People" is aimed at putting you in touch with our various staff and affiliates to help make the most of your research resources. These individuals were selected to provide you advice and knowledge, based on years of experience working with other researchers and Faculty.

  • FAQ

    This section will be frequently updated to provide quick answers to all of your most frequently asked questions. We hope it will serve as your "cheat sheet" to working with Research Support and our Compute Resources.

  • Links

    The Links section will provide you with bookmarks to some of the most useful sites we know of. From here you can easily navigate to our Wiki, Monitoring, and Statistics sites.

  • Apply

    We are excited to announce that our application process will soon be even faster than ever. A web-based application will provide you with nearly instantaneous access to our Compute Resources.

Thank you for choosing Research Support!

Research Support

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