Using HPC Tools Servers for Systems Administration

Sydney Pendelberry, ITS

With an ever increasing focus on security, services (OpenLDAP, Active Directory, etc...) are run on servers with a minimum OS footprint and centrally managed. The tools servers that provide a central management platform can be leveraged in a high performance computing (HPC) environment to reduce the time for long running maintenance tasks. The HPC environment gains efficiencies in power consumption and server utilization. This is especially true for maintenance of large directories with millions of objects.

Since RFC 4120, the widespread acceptance of Kerberos version 5 and most recently the Kerberos Consortium, authenticated HPC has enabled the secure running of jobs that would otherwise be restricted to one server. This talk will provide an overview of Windows 2008 HPC and an example how to code and enable delegation for authenticating jobs in an HPC environment.